Friday, April 23, 2010

"Everybody Draw Mohammad Day!"

Perhaps you saw the recent South Park episode where creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, abiding by the letter (if not the intent, exactly) of the traditional prohibition of images of Mohammad, depicted the prophet fully covered in a bear suit (complete with a "BEARS" t-shirt).

Predictably, this didn't go over so well with some people, and Parker and Stone received an ominous threat, prompting Comedy Central to "alter" the episode.  This, in turn, didn't go over well with the show's creators, nor with at least one other person:  Dan Savage.  Savage, a journalist, pundit, native Chicagoan and generally brilliant guy, posted the following [artwork by Molly Norris] in response yesterday afternoon on the website Slog:


For their part, Parker and Stone posted a statement yesterday on their South Park Studios website.