Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Childish Jeb Bush calls Obama childish

If I were Jeb Bush, I wouldn't touch my brother's administration with a ten-foot pole.  (I also wouldn't be writing this because I'd be rich and have much better things to buy stuff and travel, etc.)  This is the smart Bush who was supposed to be president, who -- one imagines -- still entertains loftier political goals.  Why on Earth would he start defending his brother -- the one person who will scuttle any chances of another Bush living in the White House -- especially when he knows full well that his brother's administration is still (and will remain for quite some time) very much to blame for where our country finds itself today!?

Conventional, inside-the-beltway wisdom says a new administration can only blame the previous one for so long before sounding whiny.  Fine, but how exactly is our current situation "conventional"?  Two wars, an economy in tatters, record foreclosures, sustained unemployment, an ocean filling up with oil...all with George W. Bush's fingerprints on them. Reminding people that Obama didn't create any of this -- and further is doing his best (with varying degrees of success) to clean up the mess -- isn't whiny or "childish" as Jeb says, it's stating an obvious fact.

Childish is whining about the fact that people are being mean to his brother.  Give me a break!

[Hat tip:  Politico; photo via this blog.]