Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fox News vs. the "Lamestream Media"

Hi Sarah!  Have you noticed anything similar between your network and the rest of what you call the "lamestream media"?  No?  Really?

Allow me to enlighten you.  Fox isn't the only news outlet trashing the President -- others include MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, etc.

How could this possibly be?  Unlike Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, etc. are in the pocket of the Left, right?  We're all just playing the same game, right?  Right!?

Poor Sarah.  She doesn't understand editorial independence or integrity.  She only understands being bought and paid for.  She only understands a news outlet that has no daylight between its news content and a particular party's platform.  How disconcerting it must be for her to digest the fact that "the lamestream media" might almost universally criticize "its own President".

You know she's trying to do the math...but can' know, because it's hard.