Monday, June 14, 2010

Ohio + Iowa = ?

Ok, here's a question for my mid-western friends, of whom I am blessed with many...all my life and particularly -- nay, disproportionately so -- from Ohio and Iowa.

Seriously, what's the deal??

Let's review.  Both places are solidly in the mid-west (though a case for Iowa being in the Plains States is certainly well-founded...but, considering the rest of the country cannot tell the difference, it's really just splitting hairs, no?) Both States have four letters total, three of which are vowels, two of which are "o" and "i". Both States, when pronounced, have three syllables:  o-HI-o and I-o-wa.

Additionally, I can report that people I know from these two States are smart and amusing.

Corn is, indeed, good, but it ain't everything!  What's going on!? Am I really expected to believe this is all some great coincidence!?!?

Please help me understand.

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