Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please Hold For the President....

[ring, ring...ring, ring]

Sarah Palin:  Ya?

Oval Office:  Gov. Palin, please hold for the President....

Palin:  [under her breath] Oh my gosh!

Barack Obama:  Gov. Palin!  Barack Obama, here.  Thought I'd take you up on your offer to call and get some of your thoughts and insights about how best to deal with the situation in the Gulf.

Palin:  [silence]

Obama:  Gov. there?

Palin:  Sure am, Mr. President.  Ummm, well gosh darn it...this is kinda embarrassing...I really don't have any thoughts or insight.

Obama:  Mmm.

Palin:  I was just revivin' up that base, you know...givin' 'em some of that red meat they like so much, also.

Obama:  [click]

Palin:  Mr. President?


[Image via Getty Images]