Friday, June 11, 2010

"Rude Brittania"

Fear not; no British-bashing, this!  Quite the's an ode, and a wonderful way to round out the day's unforeseen Anglo-centric focus.

Thanks to The Independent, I've learned of an exhibit at the Tate Britain that is sure to tickle the funny-bone of the prurient and puerile among us [yes, please!]  Sharing, for a time, the marquee with sculptor Henry Moore [one eyebrow, decidedly up] is "Rude Brittania -- British Comic Art", running from now through the beginning of September.  Lest you think this begins and ends with Benny Hill, the exhibit reaches back to the likes of William Hogarth and Jonathan Swift and bounces along to the present, or near-present.  With no travel plans to the U.K. in the offing for the Summer, I -- and perhaps you -- can make due with the very amusing and informative article in The Independent by John Walsh.  Read it in its entirety here.

[Image:  Cartoonist Martin Rowson's postcard from Britain.  Hat tip:  Daily Dish.]