Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creating Unhealthy Children -- Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Get a load of this:  Kucinich Pushes To End Tax Subsidies For Junk Food Advertising.

Excuse me...we subsidize junk-food advertising!?!?

HuffPo's Lucia Graves sheds some light not only on Rep. Kucinich (D-OH) and his new crusade but also on the simple -- and, frankly, unbelievable -- fact that the American people subsidize the junk- and fast-food industries by allowing them to write off their marketing expenses.  On the face of it, this seems utterly laughable (then turning, a second or two later, steam-producing), but it's downright dangerous when it comes to marketing aimed specifically at kids where it can and does instill lifetime eating habits that have measurable health and economic consequences.

Wanna decrease the deficit and lower health-care costs, Senator Kyl??  How about cracking open a can of "top-kill" on this gusher!

Kucinich rightly credits First Lady Michelle Obama for calling our attention to this whopper jaw-dropper.  And, perhaps once this loophole is finally plugged, we can address the other allowable marketing write-offs...things like guns and cigarettes.

(You really cannot make this stuff up.)

[Image by Scott Ableman via Ezra Klein at The American Prospect.]