Monday, July 19, 2010

The Heartland (and its smothering embrace)

Apple Pie, Chevrolet, Little Ditty About Jack & Diane, John Deere, the 2nd Amendment, Corn and Cowboys...The Heartland of the U. S. of A., Ladies and Gentlemen.  You know, real America, where real Americans still live -- boot-wearin', drawbridge-raisin', Muslim-hatin' patriots who pine for the country that has been taken away from them by the flag-burning, communist-sympathizing, multi-culti, coastal elites.  The same coastal elites who have obviously forgotten what happened to us on 9/11.  Well, The Heartland hasn't forgotten!  [With apologies to Mr. Zappa] it continues to hurt them in their heart!  They even have bald eagles literally in tears, people!

Heartlanders know deep down that New Yorkers don't even deserve to have Ground Zero in their Godless city, but even this they could overlook...until now.  The plans for a Muslim community center in an existing 13-story building, two blocks north with no view whatsoever of the World Trade Center site have gone too far!  It's a flagrant spit in the eye to all Americans!

Fortunately the prayers of those who have been dutifully raising the alarm like so many modern-day Paul Reveres have been answered by their new queen.  Previously the provincial princess of permafrost and pique, Ms. Palin knows that the tweet is mightier (for now) than the sword, so she has bravely called upon all peace-loving infidels to give up this outrageous sacrilege that so pains her people.  Never mind that Muslims and non-Americans also were killed the day the towers were attacked and destroyed, because, as everyone knows, their survivors have had the good taste to recede into the background so that the real victims can be properly honored and avenged.

[Hat-tip:  Daily Dish; more Palin tweets (and wordsmithery) on the subject at TPM or at the source.]