Monday, July 26, 2010

Ice That Tea!

Because the summer swelter is obviously frying the brains of Tea Partiers and the politicians who love/enable them.

Grabbing the baton from Rand Paul (who has apparently been locked in a room somewhere by his handlers) is Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, the Republicans' great white hope for unseating Harry Reid.  Whether it's birtherism, chucking Social Security, turning rape into "lemonade", the bailout, BP or ObamaCare, Angle appears to be snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  And the grown-ups in the party are noticing.

Michele Bachmann, who probably -- and inexplicably -- has a safe House seat in MN, has been running around creating a new, congressional "Tea Party Caucus" and promising an endless stream of subpoenas and know, because it isn't like there are more important issues to address.

Then there's TN Congressman Zach Wamp, a candidate in the Republican primary of governor (who, to my mind, has the awesomest name in politics).  Wamp, adopting a strategy from well-known sane person and Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has recently floated the possibility of secession if ObamaCare isn't repealed.  And truly, what says patriotism better than a threat to dissolve the Union?

Finally, and perhaps most alarmingly, the withering heat has caused at least one Republican politician to accidentally blurt out that Tea-Partier Birthers were "dumbasses".  Such refreshing honesty might easily be construed as a smart, if risky, move were it not for the fact that the politician in question -- Ken Buck, a candidate for the GOP nomination for Senate -- was (until now?) the Tea Party favorite.


[Image by Simon Borst.]