Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Mourning Again in America

...for Reagan speech-writer Peggy Noonan, at least.  And, furthermore, it's Obama's fault.

In her "open letter" in the Telegraph to British Prime Minister David Cameron on his upcoming visit to the U.S., she flirts shamelessly and pines for the days when politicians were not so distractingly young and handsome.  She then goes on to explain why Obama should be a lesson for the new leader...on how not to run a country.

Can you imagine the geschrei we'd hear from the Dittoheads if a liberal commentator said as much during the W. Years?  Treason!!

Classy to the end, she finishes her missive by practically begging Mr. Cameron to whisper sweet nothings in our collective ear in the mellifluous English tones that make Anglophiles weak in the knees. Why?  We're terribly insecure, you see, what with that horrible man in the White House, and could use a hug from our "special friend" telling us we're still pretty.


Seriously, Peggy, get a grip. 

[Hat tip:  Ian Leslie's Marbury.]