Friday, July 30, 2010

Lessons in Hypocrisy -- Example No. 1

9/11 looms large in our present-day, political landscape, doesn't it?  What happened that day (four blocks away from my apartment, by the way) is the actual reason for one war we are actively fighting and the ostensible reason for another we are trying to wind down.  It has also become a rallying cry -- our generation's "Remember the Maine!" -- that continues to blow wind into the sails and money into the coffers of a certain kind of us-versus-them politician who need only pluck that heartstring for the desired, Pavlovian response.  For some, the towers that fell that day cleaved the world into innocent American heroes and murderous Muslim criminals...and the rest of the world was either for us or against us.

Fast forward to today, and it should be no surprise that politicians like Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich would invoke 9/11 to challenge a proposed Islamic community center in the same neighborhood.  How dare they!?, they cry.  It's an outrage!  Frankly, their deep umbrage strikes me as completely over-the-top and utterly opportunistic; but, for the sake of argument, let's take them at their word and assume it's real. 

How strange, then, to see so many of their political cohorts vote against health care funding specifically targeting the heroic first-responders now suffering directly as a result of rushing into the burning wreckage of that day.

Apparently, it's more expedient to lionize the dead than to take care of the survivors.  Cheaper, too.

[Hat-tip:  TPM.]