Monday, July 12, 2010

Long-term Unemployed

I am one of them.

My unemployment insurance benefits were cut off June 5th following Congress' failure to allocate additional funds for the program. I am, in fact, eligible for 16 more weeks, but the money has been allowed to run out.

The reason is short-term "fiscal responsibility" in an election year by those who fear being unemployed themselves by an angry (but, no doubt, employed) electorate if they add but one cent to the deficit.

This is perfectly understandable given our country's current debt load; however, it is also terribly misguided because I am not the only one hurt by my personal lack of funds. Also hurt is every business I patronize on a daily basis -- the grocer, the dry cleaner, the barber, the gym, the gas station, the movie rental, the internet provider, the dog groomer, etc., etc.

Don't even get me started on what it's doing to our nation's breweries and purveyors of wines and spirits! I refuse to drink the cheap stuff, so booze is now a luxury we can no longer afford. Husband and I will be teetotaling for the duration.

Congress can try to live with that on its conscience.

 [Image:  Toothpaste For Dinner.]