Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maine Ribs

Rib-ticklers, that is!

More than a couple of you -- my 10s of readers, whom I love individually and collectively more than my luggage -- are probably aware of my deep and unfathomable respect and admiration for a certain Daily Kos poster named "Bill in Portland Maine".  As you might imagine, it was the "Portland Maine" part that hooked me, but I ended up staying for the "Bill" part because the man's rapier wit is consistently tomato-slicing in its sharpness.

Do yourself -- especially your brain and funny-bone -- a favor and catch him daily, Monday through Thursday, for his post "Cheers and Jeers".  You'll be glad you did.

Here's a bit from today's post...just to prime the pump:

Oh! More Things I Know:
> One difference between liberals and conservatives is, liberals correct their mistakes to reflect reality while conservatives correct their reality to reflect their mistakes.
> The next government program I wanna see is Cash for Renters. That'd be swell. Just stuff a few Franklins in my mailbox, Geithner, and we'll call it good.
> You know what I have a lot more respect for since the Oilpocalypse began? Pounds of pressure per square inch.
> When you hear a pundit lament that "Washington is sooooo polarized," it really means, "Republicans are being obstructionist assholes."
> Look, I know we're all really excited about installing millions of windmills that'll generate power, but let's not lose sight of why we're installing them in the first place: to grind grain.
> Kossack "grog" is funny: "Jeers to the humidity.  When I was done [with my run], I could have wrapped myself in paper towels and absorbed myself to death."
> My octopus picked the Netherlands. Idiot.
> During the upcoming holiday season, the top-selling toy will be Barbie's Gulf Coast Oil-slick Observation Dream Blimp.
> By poo-pooing an extension of unemployment benefits while calling for more tax cuts for the rich, Republicans on Capitol Hill are acting as a de facto death panel, ruling unanimously in favor of killing the stability and solvency of countless poor and middle-class American families. Look up "heartless bastards" in the dictionary...
> Harry Reid accusing President Obama of not being forceful enough with Republicans is like a birther accusing a climate-change denier of being too "out there."
> The most amazing thing to me about the human body is that we don't shred our tongues when we chew food.
> I get occasional hate mail in which right-wingers call me a faggot. I always respond by thanking them for at least getting something right.
This is but a sampling...check out today's full post here.

Here's his profile pic from Twitter where, like me, you can follow his zaniness in bite-size chunks throughout the day.