Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin's Ignorance

...is well documented.  So is her supposed piety, which by modern standards appears to be downright medieval.  Sarah's obviously a crusader, and her current target is the perceived assault on America's Holiest Site, a site memorialized by weeping bald eagles and ribbon-wrapped towers on the back of pickup trucks throughout this great land of ours.  Finally, Americans have their very own holocaust, something so raw and primal that no one is allowed to discuss what happened there in terms that do anything other than to further sanctify its sanctity.

This, of course, is especially true if you happen to live outside New York City.  Like Sarah.

Ignorance is one thing; it's lamentable but also understandable (unless, of course, you are considering national office).  Hatred, based on religion or race, is quite another.  Most New Yorkers (myself a former one with 16 years under my belt) know their city is the poster child for diversity.  When applying to host the 2012 Olympics, NYC boasted that every single competing nation was guaranteed to have a hometown cheering section.  Every nation, every ethnicity, every language, every religion in the world has representatives, if not a whole neighborhood, in the Big Apple.  So, as a result, no New Yorker has to be reminded that Muslims also were martyred at the towers on 9/11...or non-Americans.  It was the WORLD Trade Center, after all.  Additionally, it comes as no surprise to New Yorkers that Muslims are their neighbors, serve on the police force, tend the sick in hospitals, serve in the military, etc., etc...and, in short, are no less American than any other group that has come to our shores over our history.

Someone forgot to tell Sarah.  Or she forgot to ask.  Or, now that she is being told, she is forgetting to listen.

So she crusades on, because, to her, 9/11 isn't a lesson to be learned or a symptom of an underlying ill that needs to be treated; it's a rallying cry for vengeance which makes it perfectly acceptable to treat all Muslims as, if not our enemy, at the very least "the other".  She sees nothing wrong with appealing to "the peaceful ones" for help in thwarting plans for a Lower Manhattan community center that would no doubt (considering its location) promote peace.  Apparently Sarah believes Muslims are now persona non grata below Canal Street.

She should walk around Lower Manhattan in the neighborhoods surrounding Ground Zero.  I've lived there and you would be amazed at how much diversity there is in this relatively tiny part of Manhattan.  If she needs a little extra reminding, she can take the boat from Battery Park out to Liberty and Ellis Islands to refresh her memory and heart about the "huddled masses".  On the trip, she might notice that her fellow passengers look and sound like they are from all over the world.  They are.  These are the people who died in the towers on 9/11 -- Americans, yes, but also people from elsewhere of myriad tongues and faiths.  If the victims that day are to be called heroes, it means they are all heroes.

And no one insults a hero, do they Sarah?

[Hat tip and photo:  Shannyn Moore's post at HuffPo.]