Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fearing and Loathing Your Base

David Frum has tweeted a truism:  Republicans fear their base, and Democrats hate theirs.

The one thing most of them share is that both groups are back-stabbing, upward-climbing, bossy moos who like to "lead" but don't really want to bother with the issues of the people they purport to lead.  One group's base is populated with pitchfork-wielding Neanderthals and the other's is full of endlessly-nudging do-gooders.

Can I get an oy veh??

This is why the real leaders of the Republican Party -- the ones with money to protect -- dole out the soma pills to the Fundies about family values, etc.  Newt Gingrich wouldn't know a family value if it bit him in the butt.  None of them has ever served in the military since before Vietnam, so they could give a rat's tusch, personally, if gays were allowed to serve openly.  They just have to care for their horrified/titillated base.

The Dems, on the other hand, totally "get" socialism -- even saw it up close in their travels through Europe in college -- but know it's no way to make money or win elections.  Sure they have to pretend to care about the Workers, inter alia/et al./etc., but really they're in it to win while taking every chance to laugh at their Republican colleagues who have to deal with a much scarier base.

Sucks to be them, eh?

Anyone want to explain this to Mr. Gibbs...?