Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Mehlman Makes His Move

Ken Mehlman, former head of the RNC and the man who brought you four more years of W. back in 2004, is, as you may know, a lying sack of shit conniving bastard Republican.  He also happens, he now tells us at age 43 (an age he shares avec moi), to be gay.

Quelle surpise.

Considering he was definitely not a Catholic priest, he could hardly continue to blame his bachelorhood on being overworked (otherwise all of Washington would be single).  But, then, Republicans are more than used to their operatives being closeted; results are what matter!

Mehlman would have us believe that he privately voiced support for civil unions and attempted to steer away from attacking same-sex marriage.  If this is so, good for him...I rejoice for his soul. However, using W.'s own litmus test -- you're either with us or you're against us -- he knew perfectly well that Republicans, the party of which he was head, were busily making sure gay-focussed issues were on the ballots in districts where they needed to boost turnout.  As such, in public, where it mattered, he was very much against us.

But now he's out of public life and has landed safely in the well-appointed offices of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., a "leading global alternative asset manager" (according to KKR's website...and whatever the hell that means).  Translation:  "I'm 43 and have money to spend; it's time to think about me."  In hindsight, anyone paying attention to the real estate market in Manhattan (and there are millions, no?), could have foreseen yesterday's news more than two months ago.  As reported on, Mehlman bought a $3.775 million condo in the gayest neighborhood outside of San Francisco -- NYC's Chelsea. With that kind of money, you don't just end up in a pick it.  And, boi, he picked it alright.

So, now that Mehlman's paycheck isn't signed (directly, anyway) by the Republican Party, and having had over two months to settle into his new place, and with the champagne ordered for the big house-warming party, it was finally time to share his news with the rest of the world.  He says that he has taken this step so that he can openly -- and with some oomph -- lobby for same-sex marriage.  I hope this is true and I obviously wish him every success.  I consider it a down-payment on some past sins.

Mazel tov, Ken.  Today, you are a man!

[Image via Curbed.]