Friday, September 24, 2010

Once more, with a little more feeling.

Apparently, this time they mean business.

Can't you feel the energy!?  No ties (better to look like you're protecting the little guy instead of the corporations)...check.  Shirt cuffs rolled up ('cause they're ready to "dig in" and "get their hands dirty")...check.  John Boehner looking a little less orange (recent lampooning?)...check.  Mike Pence wearing a pattern (to offset the sea of solid corporate hues)...check.  Eric Cantor looking a little like a half-dressed yeshiva boy (the all-important Brooklyn vote)...check.  Woman (the all-important...oh, never mind)...check!

Take that, Tea Partiers!  These guys will show you how it's really done, Beltway-style.