Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You're likable enough.

Oh karma:  you are a vengeful wench!

NPR (a little late to the party) now asks:  The Likability Factor: What's Obama Lacking?

Way to keep that finger on the pulse, NPR!

When candidate Obama blurted out "you're likable enough" to Hillary, he did so safe in the knowledge that he was playing offense to her defense.  Sure, he paid a price for that flippancy, but it was a price that "no drama Obama", who rarely makes an unscripted mistake, was obviously willing to pay.

Arrogance.  The Republicans and their flying monkeys love to call him arrogant.  Truth is:  he is.  And so is every single person who ever thinks they have what it takes to run for President of the United States.  HELLO!?!?  Calling him "arrogant" is like calling the Pope, Catholic.  It goes without saying.

But, let's be honest:  Obama's arrogance "goes to 11", doesn't it? He's a hot-shot, and he knows it, right?  Let's remember:  in the Democratic primary, Obama was the cool guy -- new, fresh, handsome, black-but-not-too-black.  Hilary, on the other hand, was female, Bill's-wife-who-should-have-dumped-him-way-back-when, so 90s, and rudely stomping on Obama's buzz. And asked about her likability, Obama, in a once-more-with-feeling undertone coughed up that she was "likable enough".

Oh, cruel Fates!  (And, how much is HRC loving this from her perch in Sharm El-Sheikh!?)

Comeuppance is a bitch, President Obama.  You've reaped what you've sown, and I truly hope you study hard this teachable moment in your life.  Take it in and learn!  We know you're capable.  We also know that you now understand why Hilary had the support of people who liked you well enough but wanted her instead.

You get it now, right?