Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Pending Palin Implosion

Sarah's about to go supernova.

According to Wikipedia:

Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months.

Some thought this would happen during or shortly after the 2008 campaign, but the McCain folks still had a modicum of control over their vice-presidential nominee.  Since then, however, Team Sarah has been running itself and running around the country endorsing approved candidates...with some very mixed results. WaPo has been tracking her endorsements and has her 26 for 44 so far, including taking out some Washington establishment types like Lisa Murkowski in her own state of Alaska and Mike Castle in Delaware.  No one doubts her current power to shake up a race.

What is in doubt is her ability to sustain her brand in a climate of unforgiving scrutiny that the 24-hour news cycle provides.  For her endorsements to matter, candidates have to want them...and, it would appear, be willing to pay the price.  This is a lesson Alaskan GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller learned last month and the rest of us are learning (or having confirmed) today.

Late yesterday, the Alaskan politics blog (and all-around bane of Sarah's existence) "The Mudflats" broke* the story that a) she and Todd were none-too-pleased that Joe very publicly demurred on Sarah's qualifications to be President and b) this disappointment (communicated in formerly private e-mails) probably spills the beans on Sarah's plans for 2012.


The cosmic irony of the Queen of Biting The-Hand-That-Feeds-Her having her own hand bitten appears to be lost on Sarah and her husband.  What should not be lost on Joe Miller or the rest of us is that there is a price to be paid when La Dona offers her patronage. And what I believe will soon not be lost on the Palins is that exacting a price from their minions ends up costing them dearly, too, when the transaction is made public. Perhaps there will always be those who are willing to sell their soul for a nod from even a dimmed star, but I imagine most will chase after the light that has been thrown off.

It also means she'll never, ever be President.

Perhaps the Florida citrus growers need a new spokesperson...?

[* As of this posting, "The Mudflats" site is down due to heavy traffic.  At some point the above link to the site will work; for the time being, however, here is Mudflats editor Jeanne Devon via HuffPo.]

[Image source:  Wikipedia.]