Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awesomest Image du Jour XLIII

Happy 46th Birthday, O Flag of Canada!

Easily one of the most recognizable flags on our Planet Earth, it's something of a shock to realize that it's comparatively new.  To be sure, it's a punchy, straightforward design made for an ever-increasingly sped up world, but it lacks the richness and history of its predecessor, the Red Ensign:

Against a field of red (the official color of Canada, along with white) is the United Kingdom's Union Jack, signifying British sovereignty, and the shield, taken from the Arms of Canada.

I love the shield because it pays tribute to the British and French ancestry of the early colonists:  England's golden lions, Scotland's red lion, Ireland's harp and France's fleurs-de-lis, united at the bottom with the stylized maple leaves of Canada.

Cool, right?  So cool, in fact, that this design is used as the Queen's Royal Standard, used when Elizabeth II is either in Canada or representing Canada as the Canadian head of state -- or, in other words, in her role as Queen of Canada.

So, whereas I like the Maple Leaf flag just fine...even a lot, I can't help but mourn the loss the tasty stew of colors and symbols that not so long ago represented our neighbor to the north.

[Source:  History.com]