Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awesomest Image du Jour LXVIII

Ya gotta love the Swiss.

First they went over the Alps (Gotthard Pass).  Then they tunneled 9 miles through the Alps from Göschenen on the north side to Airolo on the south side (Gotthard Rail Tunnel).

Now they've just cold busted through them at the bottom...

...with this thing.

Welcome to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, due to open in 2016.  35 miles long, you'll transport yourself from steely-grey, northern skies to sunny, sub-tropical Ticino in minutes!

Check out a map of the area here.

However, it must be said, that what we'll gain in convenience and speed will come at the expense of one of the world's great train rides.  Hopefully, the old 1881 rail tunnel will remain in use for a more leisurely and romantic approach to crossing the Alps.

Knowing the Swiss, it will.

[Source:  Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann via Boing Boing.]