Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Awesomest Image du Jour CXV


This an Afghan youth.  He's looking at a [U.S.] soldier back in May. What's going on in his face?  It appears neutral, no?  There's no furrowing of the brow, but am I crazy in thinking there might be one in a nano-second?  The lips betray, perhaps??  After all the billions spent [OUR billions, just for those keeping track at home], is this child's face NOT what we have accomplished?  And, if so, have we not everyone else who has wondered into this briar patch??

We got the taliban out, though.  Mostly.  That's something.  They'll re-group, of course, but....  At the very least, we've left a calling card as a reminder of what will happen when they choose to strike out again.

Am I alone in wondering if any of this matters to the above Afghan youth?

(Let's hope it does.)

[Source:  Massoud Houssani/AFP/Getty Images; via]