Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Awesomest Potential Flags du Jour CX

Today is Flag Day.  Today is also the day President Obama fulfilled a campaign promise to visit Puerto Rico as President -- the first to do so in 50 years.  Puerto Rico is often mentioned as a potential, even probable, 51st state.  Soooo, what more appropriate time would there be than right now to show two versions of what a 51st state might do to the ever-changing design of Old Glory?

This first one employs the now familiar staggered-star design (and is the first of a number of designs by the United States Army Institute of Heraldry that could take us up to 56 states).

This second one is favored by the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico, something that certainly has precedence in historical American flags...like this one attributed to Betsy Ross

...or this one (one of two) used for 13 years after Colorado became a state in 1877.

If P.R. doesn't turn out to be our 51st state, perhaps the District of Columbia might be...or Baja Arizona...or any number of places around the country with separatist movements.

See all the various designs throughout our history here.

[Source:  Wikipedia.]