Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Cable news loves to cover popular uprisings around the world, unless they're happening in lower Manhattan.
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Seriously, what's up with that?

Perhaps if these "dirty hippies" were history-misreading tea partiers donning tricorn hats and carrying muskets -- or were foreigners, addressing someone else's power structure -- they would get coverage. But, television news is Wall Street, so these protests are a little close for comfort.

ABC = The Walt Disney Company
CBS = CBS Corporation, spawn of Viacom with a controlling share owned by National Amusements' Sumner Murray Redstone
NBC = NBC Universal, a joint venture of Comcast and General Electric
CNN = Turner Broadcasting System (a Time Warner company)
and last, but certainly not least,
Fox News = the ever-popular News Corporation

Certainly one could understand why these big boys and girls would be less than enthusiastic about giving any airtime to the Occupy Wall Street crowd that isn't dismissive or ridiculing, right?

Fortunately, we still have the interwebs!