Friday, March 30, 2012

The District of Maine

Prior to 1820, Maine was a part of Massachusetts...which would explain why the Massachusetts Historical Society would have a really cool map from the late 1790s on their website.  As I know from my own family research, Maine was still actively being settled at this time...primarily by people (like younger sons) being crowded out of the Boston area.

Below is the southwestern quadrant of a four-paneled map -- the most populous part of the district, then, and still the most populous part of the state, now. 

[As usual, you can click the map for a larger version; however, to see the really detailed version, click the hyperlink above to go to the actual website.]

The town I grew up in -- Auburn -- wouldn't exist for another 40+ years and is shown here as "Poland".  The town of Minot would soon be carved out of Poland, and then Auburn would be carved out of Minot.  The counties would evolve too.  Poland is shown here as part of Cumberland County.  Oxford and Androscoggin Counties would later occupy the more northern parts of Cumberland.

Visit the Massachusetts Historical Society here to view the other three quandrants, other maps of Massachusetts, and scads of other fun historickie stuffe.

[Hat-tip to the Internet Scout Project for providing the introduction.]